Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Watch out Mark and Ryan, these two are ready to handle newborn twins!

Last weekend, we were excited to welcome a couple visitors from the south. Autumn was a rock star and made the road trip from sunny Kansas City to a cold and dreary Minneapolis for the weekend. Of course she wasn’t alone, she stopped in Des Moines to pick Nicole up on her way. They arrived a little after midnight on Friday and we had just finished feeding the boys, so they arrived at a good time.
The two quickly got a aquainted with the boys and even got a little down and “dirty.” Nicole was a natural handling both of them and they loved up Autumn too, even though they only peed on her. We were hosting the two of them, but these two completely took care of us. They took care of dinner Saturday night and then were SOOOO kind to send Keith and me to bed on Saturday night while they teamed up for the late night shifts. Both boys agreed that they did a great job taking care of them all night and wished they lived closer so they could see them more often. Keith and I were both so thankful for their help- we were both exhausted and in EXTREME need for a long stretch of sleep. This completely saved the both of us (at least for a couple days)!! We will have to return the favor to them someday, but I’m guessing Carter and Dylan may have added a couple more years until these two are ready for kids.

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