Thursday, November 6, 2008

A busy week

So far we have had a busy week! Grandma Bormann has been here helping mom and dad out with dinner and feeding us. Usually we are pretty good, but are starting to get pretty familiar with our lungs. We gave mom and dad a pretty hard time last night trying to cry as loud as we could. Sometimes we would be nice and take turns so mom could handle both of us.

We took Carter to the doctor's office this week... yes within one week of our first check-up. He had a clogged tear duct. Nothing that some drops couldn't handle. Now Dylan seems to be having the same problem. Otherwise, we have been pretty busy with our Baby Einstein toy and tummy time.
Stella continues to find comfort in her bear as she continues to adjust to having two babies at the house.


krmccord said...

I can't tell them apart, but the baby wearing the girafe looks like a Bucklin and baby in blue looks like Bormann:) Cute pics!! The pic of Stella and her bear is pretty cute:)

krmccord said...

I meant I can't tell them apart to use the right name -- Carter or Dylan.

Kellie said...

I can't believe how fast they are changing! Still cute as hell though. :) Hopefully we'll see you guys around this weekend, although this weather sucks.

Me said...

Wow, what wonderful babies!:)


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