Monday, November 17, 2008

Time to meet our cousins

My mom and my nephew Cade joined us on Thursday. I think Cade was pretty happy to see his mom and excited to meet his little cousins. Surprisingly, he was more jealous of his grandma holding the babies than his mom. Keith and I learned that a 15 month old keeps pretty busy and can be quite demanding of his mother's time (hopefully ours will keep each other busy at that age, at least that is what I tell myself:)). I also learned that I am not going to watch any Baby Einstein DVDs until I absolutely have to. Jennifer changed the Diaper Genie for her last and fourth time, which is four more times than I have changed it, and then she was on her way back to Iowa with Cade.

My sister Jill and two of her three kids came to visit on Saturday. Morgan had been really excited to come meet the babies - even though they are both boys. She was really hoping to have at least one girl cousin instead of 5 boys. She and Logan did great with the boys and even did a couple feedings.

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krmccord said...

I can't believe how big Morgan is!!


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