Saturday, May 4, 2013

Our first tball game!

Last Saturday (when it was Spring around here) we had our first tball game.  This is our first sport we've played, so it's been a good learning experience.  Baseball at 4 is a bit difficult to say the least.  These two just haven't seen the game much so they don't know much.  
Dylan has been into it somewhat.  Carter has been really stubborn not wanting to participate in practice - if you notice no uniform.  Wouldn't wear his cleats, pants, shirt or hat.  I've been learning with him, if he is not confident or doesn't know how to do something he completely closes up and shutdowns on you.  So a bit challenging, learning to work with that.  

Dylan was the first batter and had a great hit off the tee and was having so much fun running around the bases.  Every time the he would go from third to home he would fly like an airplane home.

Attention spans for 4 year old baseball is not great.  Dylan was playing third and he would be out there cleaning his base. 

Hope these two aren't in the same class, I know the boys aren't super tall - but this could be bad:)

Carter finally went out and played the second inning.  Wouldn't wear a batting helmet but did have fun once he got going.  He was a little hustler out there.  I told him, all you have to do is run to the ball and get it.  So he would be at 2nd and the ball would go to short and he would sprint across the field for it getting to it about faster than short.  But then he would be bummed he didn't get it.  Pretty funny!  Hopefully this snow goes away so we can play again someday.  

D kept his uniform on all day!  He was just loving it!
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