Monday, May 13, 2013

A few random ones I've heard lately


Dylan was all excited talking about Mother’s Day and told me I needed to go to a restaurant, then turned it into we should go to the trampoline place!
One day Carter told me, “Olivia’s earning her teeth”.  So then I asked them if they had been learning about earning things at school – indeed they had! 
Olivia has been a bit grumpy with teeth and ear infections- tonight Carter walks by her - yeah she's crabby.  Yesterday on our drive home from Baxter she cried about the entire way home - one of them said, she's getting like five teeth mom.  
Dylan in the truck one night- Mom, you are skinny.  Thanks Dylan.  Mom, you know what skinny is?  It’s the opposite of fat.  You used to be fat.  Thanks DylanJ 
One day I was watching the boys out the window and Dylan was walking around picking up dandelions and he kept yelling to Carter, I’m just picking out flowers for mom – sweetest thing ever!!!!
Really? Really mom?  Dylan is on a "really" kick, I've been hearing it a lot lately.  
We were talking about visiting some friends who had a baby - Carter said, that baby is probably a kid now.
After asking Carter to stop climbing on the banister, he said, "you guys just shouldn't have had kids so they wouldn't break your house"
Yesterday they were telling me that we should probably have 3 more babies- no thank you!
I asked them if they were going to live together after they moved out.  And the answer was yes!  Then Carter said he wanted to live with me forever:)  I liked that one!  

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