Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A typical day at the Bormann house


Our days really are not too exciting here – but I like to do a post like this once a year as I’m sure it will continually change. 
Anywhere from 4:30 – 5:45 Olivia wakes up.  For a long time this would work just fine because we would make a bottle and feed her in bed/sleep and she would fall right back to sleep.  And we could actually get everyone ready while she kept sleeping.  Now, she is hit or miss (more miss) on the falling back to sleep part.  And we can’t leave her there as she would nosedive right off the bed.  So I usually stay in bed with her for a while after she eats and Keith will usually take a shower around 6-6:30
(I’ve been working out 2 days a week with the neighbors at 5:15- so these days all this changes, actually everything just happens faster/earlier)
6:30-7:00- battle waking of the dead / WAKING UP THE BOYS!  (I should clarify this is only applies for week days, on the weekend they pop right up on their own around 6:30.) Sometimes I try to dress them while they are half asleep.  That cuts down on battles, but now they usually get dressed pretty easily so not as bad as it once was.  This is also when OLIVIASAURUS comes out- she loves to give the boys hugs and kisses in the morning and then she will hit their faces and laugh and growl and everything!  Pretty darn funny.  Keith usually does this while I drag myself out of bed (did I mention I’m not a morning person) and do my 15 minute – get-ready.  98% pony tail rate, clothes are semi wrinkled. 
Once the boys make their way down, they usually pick out their breakfast – 3 things, we have been working this down to 2 items (they eat again at school).  And this is not usually fruit, at some point that fell out of the breakfast line up. Usually smokies, cereal bars, cereal, oatmeal, waffles or toast.  And they are really into mixing cereals, so something like lucky charms and fruit loops.  Milk varies by the day.  And yes – they need a separate plate for each item.  Olivia has been joining in on breakfast too and we try and get her dressed about this time as well.  The transition from breakfast to coats/shoes to the car – somehow can take FOREVER!  It is possible to get that done in 5 minutes, can take up to 30 (EASILY!). 
Off to school! If I drop off we need to be in the car and ready to go by about 7:15, Keith’s schedule is a bit more flexible and he is closer.  So Keith would love to be IN THE CAR out of the house by 7:00, but often times doesn’t get everyone in the car until 7:30
4:45-5:45 – pick up.  Keith usually picks up since he is closer and can get their sooner (until he moves to wdsm and this entire day is changed).  Writing this reminds me of how much I hate that my kids are at daycare for 10 hours and home with me for like 3 hours at night (until bed).  Mondays we have baseball, so we go to that and Olivia stays at daycare a bit later. 
Usually one of us gets home about the same time the one does pick up and the other attempts dinner. This my friends is a sad dinner!  We really need to work on planning.  So it’s whatever we can throw together.  Often looks like some sort of meat, side of uncle bens 90 second rice and fruit.  The boys won’t touch vegetables, though I do attempt to give it to them sometimes. 
UNTIL AROUND 7:30- We play, play, play until bath time.  Of course this is only getting later as the days are nicer and it’s lighter outside – hard to tell the kids to go inside after such a long winter.  So lately we have been playing outside ever night. 
7:30ish – We give Olivia a bath around 7 – about every other day depending on how dirty she is looking, sometimes more often.  Neither of us love this job right now.  She loves it but will not sit still in the tub making it very hard to give her a bath.  Then one of us will take her to her room and feed her and…. YES ROCK HER TO SLEEP.  I know I should probably be putting her down somewhat awake, but it’s the few minutes of the night I get to just sit and enjoy her.  So I DO! Sometimes the boys take their bath together; lately Dylan has been doing showers upstairs while Carter does a bath in my room.  I actually like separate ones- they go MUCH FASTER!  They could sit in the tub for like an hour. Maybe they get that from me. 
8-9ish- Boys get PJS on, we go to their room (usually O is asleep at this point), Keith usually reads them 2-3 books and they eat their fruit snacks, then we brush teeth, snuggle with each for a bit (currently they insist we tell each a chuggington story – you do something one time and now I have to come up with a new story every night and I am OUT of stories)and attempt to leave the room.  Dylan will ask me to put ALL his blankets on – which is like 7-10 blankets, he always gives me a huge hug and kiss.  Carter will usually be about asleep before I leave the room.  Lately they haven’t been coming out too much. Sometimes this can be a nightmare and 45 minutes later they still aren’t asleep.  But for the most part they stay in bed now. 
9-10ish- We try and do dishes, maybe a load of laundry (more likely rewash the load we forgot to put in the dryer), clean up a bit (I don’t think some people would call that clean), get Olivia’s bottles ready, I usually take a bath.  Sometimes Keith will work out. 
10-12ish- This is when I should go to bed, then maybe I wouldn’t be so tired. But-  I love this time!!!  It would also be a good time to clean a bit more- but instead I am pretty darn lazy and I enjoy it!  This is usually when I blog, work on a project if we have something going on (will be doing a bit of painting at this time soon and should start working Olivia’s bday), spend far too much time Pinterest, usually watch a bit of Jay Leno or Jimmy Fallon if we are still up. Keith usually works for an hour or two.  Sometimes I fall asleep on the couch too –probably at least once a week. 
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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter