Friday, April 12, 2013

What is your travel style?

It seems lately I have had a run of bad luck when it comes to the airlines! During my recent travels I had the opportunity to spend a bit of extra time at the airport and thought about my travel habits – here is how I roll at the airport…

First off, I am that girl who sticks pretty close to the “arrive 2 hours early”. I know some don’t mind living on the edge here, but I swear I always have issues and I just hate the feeling of maybe missing my trip, then waiting through security – ahh! I always feel much better once I have arrived at my gate and knowing everything is ready to go.

When it comes to going through security – one, I’m not patient – so if you really have to think hard about all this and are super slow with the drill, I will be behind you looking extremely annoyed (again, remember I really just want to be at my gate and know I’m ready for take-off). I try to go through this process as quick as I can, but I am a 4 tray kind of girl! I know, can’t help it! It is really their fault, they make you put everything in a separate trays.

When it comes to baggage- I am a bring a large suitcase for a 2-day, hate the people who carry on kind of girl------EXCEPT, when it comes to business travel, I cram it all in and make it work and am that annoying person you are waiting on to get your bag in the overhead. See that drives me nuts, but if you don’t check you have much more flexibility when your flight gets cancelled and you have to change flights.

I like the window seat. If I nap, I can lay my head on the window and sleep. Not really a plane chatter – but sometimes I get next to a chatter, which I don’t mind. But I’m fairly shy so I rarely strike up a conversation with people next to me.

I usually bring sodoku puzzles and play those if I’m not working. Sometimes I read magazines or bring books, depending on how heavy I want my bag to be.

And my biggest travel advice – if your flights get changed, keep asking different agents, each one knows a little something different about the system and if you find a nice one, they will totally help you out! Most likely this will not happen in Boston, or Philadelphia. If you travel in Iowa and smaller cities, they tend to be really helpful! In Philly they would be like, oh y our flights cancelled. That’s too bad. Next. Once I was in Boston and had to change a flight and asked a lady – this was after she finally made eye contact, then snapped at me, then she said she would be back. Never saw her again.

What kind of traveler are you?

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