Monday, April 29, 2013

Busy little Monday

ahhhh - I'm getting sleepy and will probably fall asleep on the couch in 5 minutes.  Today was a busy Monday.
I worked out with the neighbor girls at 5:15.  Then got ready and then got to work early today.  Met my friend Kaylan for lunch.  Met mom too.  We had tball practice tonight.  Then when we got home Keith worked really hard doing some yard work, while I got dinner ready (or warmed up a lot of things in the microwave).  Then we played outside until about 8:00.  I took Olivia on a little wagon ride, I can't believe she is big enough for that.  Then finally got in to do baths and get everyone in bed by 9ish. Then cereal time!  I think I eat that for dinner like two nights a week.  Loving this weather.  I don't think we will have it for too much longer. I had shorts on today and yesterday.  I can't turn back.
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