Sunday, April 28, 2013

9 months

Well...Olivia is actually 10 months as of Friday, so I thought I better snap a few shots for "9 months" and do an update.  

She had her appointment last week, here are the stats:
Height:  28 3/4 - 85%
Weight:  22 lbs 8 oz - 95%

All was good - except those darn ears.  We are back on antibiotics again.  She had a really runny nose all week and I thought we were almost over it.  Then I was finally going to take her back to the chiropractor on Friday and as I was walking in, she started coughing, I looked back and she threw up all over my back.  So I turned around, walked back out to my car.  Totally caught off guard not expecting that one.  I was planning on going to the walk in hours at the clinic after our appointment anyway, so I went straight there and sure enough, another ear infection.  And luckily she didn't have the flu or anything, I think her tummy was just upset from all the draining.  

What's happening at 9 months (really more like 10)

  • Olivia is really not interested in being spoon fed, so we are always looking for new things that are appropriate for her to pick up and eat.  
  • Speaking of eating, our biggest challenge with her is she puts EVERYTHING and I mean everything in her mouth. She finds the littlest things on the ground and puts them in her mouth.  
  • She is most happiest with two toys in her hand banging them together
  • She couldn't be more of a daddy's girl.  All weekend, every time Keith would have me hold her she would cry the minute he walked away - not talking a sniffle, big crocodile tears.  
  • At home she takes a pretty good nap, I don't think she does very well at daycare.
  • She gives the sweetest little hugs and kisses.  She kinda snuggles her head right into you.  I love it!  She loves giving the boys hugs too.
  • She loves her brothers and even tries to wrestle with them. Seriously, she loves it!  Of course we always have to be careful with all that. 
  • We finally gave up the carrier and she is now in the big car seat.  I could NOT carry that thing anymore.  
  • She claps, and waves buy buy
  • She says dadda pretty well, momma too, but I don't hear it very often.  One day she said banana, but I haven't hear it again.  If you say something quite a few times she will repeat.  Not always, but sometimes if she focuses.
  • A neighbor gave us a baby with a stroller and she just loves this baby, hugs and kisses it all the time.  So sweet!  
  • Right now giving her a bath, changing her clothes or diaper is NOT fun, she just won't quit rolling or moving around.  
  • I just love this girl so much, she is so darn sweet, we are so lucky to have her. 
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