Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Closet is finally complete!


 Like all projects - this one was a doozy.  Not so terrible to install, but turned into one of our longest projects.  We probably started this in January.  Again, like most projects we hit several roadblocks.  Since I'm a bit of a nut about maximizing closet spaces, I've never liked the wire system we had.  It was a quick- do you think this is a good spot for your shelf in the mix of a million other decisions when we built.  so it would have been nice to have done this right in the first place - however, using the space for a while helped us determine what would work best for us and all our stuff.  So i would say it was pretty jammed!

 After looking around quite a bit, exploring building our own - I finally decided to go with the easy track system from Menard's.  We figured keith building was not realistic.  The system worked out pretty good - but the big downside was - we went with white and they do not keep that in store, so you have to order and it has like a 3+ week wait.  That doesn't work with my- do something when you have a free moment backed with a bit of motivation- DIY style.  

So once I had the system ordered I had a confirmation email the system was in and planned a day off work to paint the closet and start installing.  So I believe that Wednesday night (this was back in feb) at first I started to slowly move our stuff out - which quickly turned into the office being the home of our clothes in a massive pile.  No big deal- we would be done by the end of the weekend:) 

Once I got the old system down - I was surprised to find 75+ clips with large holes that I had to pull out (which didn't come out too easy).  The holes were so big we had to do a-not-so-high-quality-fill-job.  Then sand EACH SPOT! So i think I was up until 12-1 that night doing it.  When I had hoped to be taped off and ready to paint.  Then Friday I took the day off and finished cleaning up, and got ready to paint.  I was going to pick up the system - but even though I called to confirm my stuff was there, only a basket was there - the rest to arrive about 2 weeks later (remember our temporary closet -the pile in the office:)).  
Anyway - back to the painting.  I absolutely had to paint this before installing because this is super nasty, chalky ceiling pant that I think you get drywall chalk on  your hand if you touch it.  I debated a bit on the color to go with.  I really wanted to go navy, but was afraid it would be like a dark hole.  I even considered something fun like red. Then a friend told me that can make your clothes look a funny color and since my husband struggles making matches, adding a funny tint to everything would be a bad idea.  So I went with grey and absolutely love it!  You don't really see much of it now, but I like it. And thank you to my mom for helping me paint!  Good thing that was pre-broken ankle.  

Here is the first unit up.  This is mostly why I went with this system - because of these corner units, they hold so much stuff.  This system also hangs, so you don't have to deal with your woodwork.  Keith and his dad worked hard one Sunday to start the project off.  Which then we would have our next big delay.  

They have regular drawers and "hutch drawers" - of course I ordered the regular hanging pieces with the hutch drawers, which ended up being a costing us about an extra $100 and adding another 4 weeks to the project because we couldn't install that section until it was ordered and shipped.  (I have no idea why it takes so long - ridiculous).  However, totally worth going white because it is cheaper and we had to piece in a couple pieces and you would have noticed if we used their fake wood.

OK - this might not look significantly better- but I promise you, it IS!!!  I just love it, everything is organized so much better, the space is used better - noticed there is lots of room on the top shelf!  We did get rid of a ton of clothes, so that helped too - but much, much better!

Sorry I couldn't get a good picture. 
hopefully Keith will skip over this line, but got these corner shelves worked out nice- the top two are his, and the rest - well, you can guess.  Actually do have more room on them if he needs to put something on them.  

*This project confirms my husband is far worse at getting rid of clothes than me.  He will look through all those shirts and come up with one.  

That gap in the dresser part now has a drawer - again, another 3 weeks on top of the last thing I said.  We just got that in last week.  We were actually going to put shelves above the dresser, but the corner shelves held so much we really need more hanging than shelves, so we did that instead.   
If you are ever looking for space in your closet - try pants hangers.  I ordered pants hangers online and it raised all our pants up about 8 inches.  See the pic on the left.  The right side pants are on the new hangers.  this was a huge improvement.  

Huge project to have checked off the project list.  Next closet to fix will be our bathroom.  And that will be much easier, just switching from wire to board.  I hate the wire ones in our bathroom, every time I set something on the shelf, something else falls on the floor.  

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter