Friday, March 30, 2012

26 weeks! Baby Update.

{23 weeks}

Well – I must say I am just not on top of things this round!  I spent about 20 minutes on Monday trying to determine how many weeks I was – 26 on 3/29!  I was all over this last time with pictures, measuring – heck, I don’t even have a scale in our house!  I’m feeling a ton of movement.  Most of the time late in the evening or early morning when I am still in bed.  Or at my desk I seem to get some kicks.  Maybe the babies nose is burning from all the spice smellJ  I have my glucose screening at my next appointment – but it seems I better call because I have no idea when my appointment is – I’m guessing April 5th.   Usually I write that down right away – but again, like I said I haven’t been on top of things. 

I have been really debating on the baby room for what to do.  I’m about 95% I will use all my same stuff, but if I saw something I loved I would maybe switch.  Before browns were so in, now I see all these light and fresh grays and things. But my chair is brown and I have this rug I feel I should use again.  Really with our bedding, the way it fit onto the crib, you could barely see the design, so that is why I am not set on using it again.  Then I thought about the other things we need to start buying and it probably makes sense to use what we have! I think we need to try and put the crib together soon and start digging through tubs!  Last night I went to Babies R Us for a gift and finally bought some things for this baby!  I bought some new bottle nipples and a few other odds and ends! 

I told Dylan I was going to a baby store and he asked if I was going to buy stuff for Dad to build a cribJ  That kid cracks me up!  Carter can be really sweet with the baby, he will feel my tummy, talks to it and sings him/her songs.  He will say, “Hi, it’s Carter.”  I want them to feel the baby moving, but they will need a good roll or kick to really get it.

Keith and I should probably start a list of names – I keep asking the boys and I still get “Dylan”.  Not much else.   
{25 weeks with the boys}
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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter