Thursday, March 1, 2012

22 weeks

I'm over half way now!  And getting big too!  I feel like this week I am really starting to get quite bigger.  A couple malts and candy bars may have contributed.  Guessing those pounds won't come off fast! 

No baby updates to report as we have done....NOTHING!!!  We should probably start thinking about getting the crib together and preparing a bit here in the next month or two.  

Dylan still thinks we should name the baby Dylan.  Tonight they were telling me how it's dark in there for the baby.   

Sometimes Carter likes to give the baby a kiss!
Flashback!  I was 21 weeks here with the boys, I guess I didn't take a 22 week picture.  I think I'm bigger this round.
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Mom said...

I bet, when you go to the hospital you won't be as big as you were when you had the boys! :)


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