Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Chatterboxes

(Mommy, Carter and some ham)

The boys have been chatting non-stop these days!  They are on a big tornado kick right now.  They must have learned tornado safety at school, so that is all we have been hearing about.  Then I told them about the time we were at a gas station waiting out a nearby tornado on a drive to Iowa, so they have been talking about that as well- repeating the story so serious as they remember every moment!  Tonight we spent about 20 minutes looking at pictures of tornadoes on Google images.  They could have looked for hours!

I guess this is a change from them talking about "big bad snowstorms".  I won't even get started on their "lightening" talk.

I think we may spend two much time playing with train tracks and bridges.  Now when we are in the car and they see a bridge, they are always like how can we get up there - then they get super excited if we go on them.

Here is a weird twin moment.  On Friday Carter and I were driving to Altoona and he said to me, sometimes bad things happen in the world.  No idea where this one came from, but I'm guessing school.  The next day we were driving on the same road and I had both boys and at almost the exact same spot, Dylan says, sometimes bad things happen in the world.  HOW WEIRD IS THAT!!! Especially since neither had said that to me prior.  I've heard them say it more since, but different boys saying the same thing at the same place on the road.

Dylan told me he wanted to go to my work, then afterwards I would have to wash his coat so it won't smell spicy - OK mom!

They seem to add - that's a good idea after a lot of things these days (I don't always agree)

I was trying to convince Dylan to eat some chili - he said, OK mom you go ahead and have a bowl for you.  They always tell me they will like things like this when they are big!

I've also decided Dylan does not FORGET ANYTHING these days!
On Friday the two of us were in the car together and I gave him half a piece of candy.  Then on Sunday, it was the two of us again in my car and he asked for candy, I told him I didn't have any.  He said- you do have candy, you have a piece from when we went to the Big Steer.  Then one day we were going to buy three bottles of vitamins and didn't because they ended up being on sale.  We ran out of vitamins last week and I told him we were out and he said, no mom we bought three!  How did he remember that, it had been about two months!

We have also had a lot of talk about ghosts, monsters and scary things!  I don't know where they get this stuff, but Carter is totally spooked!  That kid gets scared so easy, he basically won't go to the basement without us.  He is OK if Dylan is there.  The funny thing is, Dylan doesn't seem to get to scared.  But I sure  do feel bad when Carter is scared, sometimes I think he has a hard time falling asleep sometimes from it.


I bought some new lotion for my stomach, so Dylan thought he needed to put some on my belly.

They are really into Bob the Builder right now, which we find to be a nice vacation from Mickey and Thomas and the fight Mickey vs. Thomas.

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter