Sunday, March 11, 2012

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We are excited to have Keith back around here! Last Sunday he went to France for negotiation school and got back home on Saturday!  I told him he could just spend a week negotiating with Dylan for a week and he would probably be a tougher negotiator.  We had our moments, but the boys weren't too rough on me for the week.  Mom came and stayed for two nights so it was nice to have extra help with dinner and mornings.  Thursday we met Sarah and Oliver at Jordan Creek for dinner and to play at the inside playground.  Friday I brought the boys to Baxter and we went to dinner with my parents and spent a majority of Saturday playing with Cade and Alec.  
Since Keith got back on Saturday afternoon, we decided to surprise him at the airport.  I think the boys had fun at the airport.  One more week and we will be back there to go to Disney!

Carter ate half my steak at dinner and he had to eat it just like that - not cut up.  

Dylan has been a hoot today!  This morning I was just waking up and Keith was going to take the boys to see my dad at work and they usually love going there.  Keith said, Dylan do you want to go to Papa's work - Dylan said, no I got to clean this house up a bit and flies out of our bedroom closet with his little green vacuum.  I about fell out of bed laughing.  Then later this afternoon the two were taking a nap, so I was back at basement organization.  When he woke up, Keith told him I was downstairs cleaning - so next thing - I look up to Dylan fired up and ready to help me in the basement with his little green vacuum.  That kid cracks me up!  Tonight I told him thank you for helping me clean and he was like the basement is still really messy, we have a lot of work to do.  Of course, I think he messes up about half the things I pick up!

Last night I had a girls night, so I told the boys that and since they were hanging out with Keith, I told them they could have a boys night while I was gone.  Keith took them to State Center for a 30th birthday party, so this morning I was asking Dylan if he had fun.  He said, yeah there were girls there and kept telling me that.  And at first I thought are we already into this???  Then I figured it out- it was "boys night" and there were girls there:)  Too funny!  

Last night I had a fun little girls night out for a surprise 30th celebration for my friend Autumn.  It's been so long since I have been out for a girls night I forgot how much fun they are - even if I was sober!  We went to dinner at a really good tapas place called Trostel's Dish, it was great!  Afterwards we went to a comedy show at the Funny Bone, then the girls thought it would be fun to pick up 40's at Kum and Go. I don't think any of us have bought those since college! I haven't talked to them today to confirm if that was a good idea or not:)  But possibly a new birthday celebration tradition.  

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter