Monday, December 26, 2011

Time to compare

(Left 12 weeks pregnant, right 17 weeks pregnant with the boys)

I looked back and I guess I didn't take a 12 week picture round one, but it looks like I was about the same at 17 weeks with twins!!!  Sure doesn't take long to get a belly once you have had a baby!

It's still too early to make a guess if this baby is a girl or a boy.

Unfortunately I had yet to discover blogging while pregnant with the boys, I did keep a tummy tales book somewhat and after some digging I found it in the basement.

I have been extremely tired this pregnancy and am in bed by 9 - 10:00 easy!  This is frustrating to me (even more frustrating to Keith) because I don't get anything done!  I used to go to bed around midnight, so productivity is way down.  I don't remember being quite this tired with the boys but I have a note that says I went to bed around 9:30 then too.  Hoping I get some energy back in a few weeks.

So far I have been craving sugar candy like Mike and Ikes, Starbursts - anything like that!!! So far no major aversions but chicken is becoming less desirable.  Also, I had a delicious bowl of chili one evening and spent the rest of the night on the couch:(  I see last time Chipotle was on the no list, I ate there today, so I guess that is still agreeing.  I haven't really cared for Arby's since the last pregnancy.  I wanted to throw up just looking at a sign.

I haven't been too sick, not feeling awesome but have only thrown up a few times.  About the same as last time.  Lots of headaches, which I remember from the boys.  I've felt more sick in the evening than the morning, which I would actually prefer.

I'm up a good 5-7 lbs (some of which may have happened pre-pregnancy / eating lunch out everyday) - looks like I was up about 5 lbs at about 5 months last time (I gained much more towards the end).  Looks like a measured my waste last time, completely forgot about that so I haven't done that yet.

With the boys heartbeats started at 160's, then stayed pretty consistent around mid 130's.  We've checked the heartbeat a few times so far and it has been about 150 every time.

The Chinese calendar was correct with the boys.  Funny this time I somehow came across two different ones and one says girl, the other says boy.  
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Kaylan said...

You look great, Jess! I am guessing a girl, but it's too early to make any *real* guesses. So that's my preliminary guess:)

fried rick said...

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Our Crazy Filled Life said...

I'm on pregnancy #3 and have realized that at 20 weeks I'm about the same size as I was at about 24-26 weeks with #2 and 32 weeks with #1 lol! So, the more you have the quicker you show that's for sure. I know you feel about certain restaurants or foods making you want to hurl just thinking about it, I'm the same way. And I also did almost no housework for the first 14ish weeks, chasing the boys around took so much energy that just getting dishes in and out of the dishwasher was a huge undertaking. Hang in there! Your energy will return eventually. :)

Kellie said...

Looking good Jess! Can't wait to find out what you're having! :)


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