Friday, December 30, 2011

Calling all van lovers....or no much van lovers

One thing that comes with three young children are three car seats, which equals a new vehicle for me!  Currently I drive a Trail Blazer, but there is about 8" between my two car seats so a new vehicle is  a must! The big question is WHAT.  Personally I don't get too excited about cars these days and would just soon drive mine until it dies - however, we will have to make a change soon.  

So the "van" word has been brought up many times by my husband who I think really wants to drive a van.  I'm not a huge fan, but am trying to be open minded.  Today we test drove a Toyota Sienna, so I got to feel it out a bit.  

There are a few things about a mini van that are really attractive to me.  I like the sliding doors a lot - have you ever walked out of a store to somebody parked 12 inches from you and tried to get your kid into their car seat -kinda sucks!  Also, since we will have to use the third row, this access will be much easier.  The other big thing I like about the van is the storage.  I have concerns with getting strollers into a three row SUVS.  As for style.....I don't love them!

 We have been looking at a Toyota Sienna and the Honda Oddysey.  Today I decided that I like the style of the Toyota a bit more than the Honda, so if we go van I am a bigger fan of the Toyota.

 For SUVs we have been considering the Buick Enclave and the Chevrolet Traverse.  Both are pretty similar inside with a third bench, the Enclave is a bit more on the premium side.  I was initially leaning towards the Enclave, but after sitting in it today I think I like the Traverse more.  Which is good because it is quite a bit cheaper.  

I'm not a huge fan of the short front end of the van, it's a bit strange when driving.  I'm sure you would get used to it.  My biggest concern is driving in snow with the van - I'm not a big fan of driving in snow!  But Keith doesn't think my car drives that well in snow either.  We definitely have storage concerns with any SUV option.  If we buy a Traverse, I'm sure we could find a used one for a decent price.  If we go van, I think we will have to buy new.  There aren't a ton of used ones for sale and the ones that are, aren't that great of a price for the miles.  

What do you love about your van?  How does it handle in the snow?  Any other brands you recommend?

Any other vehicles you recommend we look into?  Do you have three car seats, is it easy to get kids in and out?  How is the storage?  


Anonymous said...

I see a Traverse in your future.

Kaylan said...

We love our Honda van! Not sure how it is in the snow because it's been the warmest winter ever! Good luck. Car shopping is stressful!

studio | KLINE Photography said...

Love, love, love my mini!!! I feel so weird saying that because I was really anti-mini. I didn't want to give up my SUV but I know I will get it back one day. You don't drive a van for style you drive it because it has great storage, you aren't the one giving others door dings, they have dvd players for long road trips and the list could go on and on. I can't comment yet about the snow but I know my brother-in-laws have had no problems with the ice in Kansas City. Oh...and love the Toyota Sienna.

Our Crazy Filled Life said...

Split the difference between the Traverse and the Enclave and get a GMC Acadia. I've had mine for a year and love it. It rides nicer and has some better features than the Traverse but isn't as pricey as the Enclave. We have the third row up all the time now since we've put Evan back there to make room for other people in the second row. We opted to get the captains chairs in the second row, it's easier to get to the third row and the captains chairs sit in a track so they can be moved forward and backward to make room. I'm allergic to minivans, I've driven a couple of different models as loaners over the years and hated them. I don't like the way they sit or drive/handle. Even with the third row seat up in my Acadia I was able to fit a pack and play, smaller single stroller, and 4 or 5 big duffle bags in the back for a three-day trip to Wisconsin with my boys and my 2 nieces. I will admit that I cannot fit my HUGE double jogging stroller in the back of my Acadia with the third row up, but it wouldn't fit in a van either because the stroller is just too big and doesn't fold down very well-it's a Baby Trend.

Kyli and Ben said...

We had the same debate about two months ago! We went with a suburban and couldn't be happier! We have one car seat in the back and one in the middle. You could easily put two in the back as the middle row seats fold up with the touch of a button! Good luck!

Kellie said...

We've got a van you can buy. We'll give you a hella deal. :)


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