Sunday, December 18, 2011

According to Carter and Dylan

I've been trying to jot down some of the random things these guys ask us or say so I don't forget all these silly moments.  Here are a few....

Sometimes noses freeze off

There is still a lot of talk about gum around here, one day they were talking about it and I said where did you get gum and Carter said, Daddy gave us gum, and quickly added a right Dylan, daddy gave it to us. (already working on teaming up on me)

We like cookies don't we Dylan

One morning before school, Dylan said, maybe Grandma can come here and take Dylan to her house

Does Oliver live in Sidewalk (no, Norwalk)

They always pick up on random things we tell them and mix it in - I'm always hearing, can we watch just a little bit of Mickey - hey after school maybe I can watch a little bit of Mickey

One day Carters says - I'm talking about a couple snacks (FYI... couple does not mean two to them)

When my tire as flat, they said, let's stop at papa's work and Tanner can fix it.

They talk about Chips, a restaurant in Ankeny, ALL THE TIME!  They love that place, anytime we ask where they want to eat, they say Chips.  They also really like to go to McDonalds and every time we drive by at night they say McDonalds is closed.  Then the other night they said, hey I see people in there- oops, just the workers cleaning up, they are closed!

One day I was holding Carter like a baby and he was looking in my eyes and he says, mommy, I see Carter and Dylan in your eyes.

My mouth sounds like thunder (as Carter makes funny noises)

Today I asked the boys what they were hungry for, Carter told me meat and ham

Last night one of them yells out, HEY, is papa's truck still old.  Yes.  Maybe we should take it to the car wash, it's rusty.

Lately Carter has been saying, that sounds like fun.  Then Dylan says, that sounds silly.  Sometimes the conversation ends.  Sometimes it gets ugly, Carter will get mad and say hey he's saying it's silly, Dylan will get mad and say I'm talking, I'm talking...

Dylan has been sounding a bit rough with his cold, one morning I told him he sounded like a frog.  Then he said something along the lines that he needed to drink something to turn him back into Dylan again.

They really like Vitamin water, so they talk about it all the time

For a while, Dylan kept saying dammit. Glad that has gone away for a while.

Lately they have been having some of their own speak- they have been calling something by the couch the steamer - they talk about it a lot!  Then they keep saying double me and much other random stuff.  They seem to know what they are referring to!

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