Monday, December 19, 2011

Loving the holiday season

Christmas is less than a week away!!! I finished my shopping on Saturday, the malls were a bit packed.  Good deals though, almost every store was 40% off.  So I was a wrapping fool this weekend, with the assistance of two helpers of course.  The boys have been big helpers with picking out the bows, so not all match this year:)  Some presents have a few extra pieces of tape and others have a couple extra messages on the name tags, but they seem to be having fun helping.  

It's really fun the boys are finally at an age where they are getting into Christmas.  Dylan and I picked out presents for Keith and Carter (from him) and then Keith helped Carter pick out presents for me and Dylan (from Carter).  We wrapped them and they were both so excited to show them to each other.  And then we work on-- you have to keep it a secret!  Carter hands Dylan his gift and he said "TRAINS".  Then Dylan was looking for something and there were a few trains on the floor, I said it's by the trains, so he picks up his gift for Carter (NO Dylan, the trains on the floor).  

Today they were so excited when they came home from school, they each had a bag of "reindeer food" they put together.  It was pretty cute, so we will have to put that out on Christmas Eve.  We have also been enjoying Christmas music and watching some Christmas classics.  One day Jingle Bell Rock came on and they were like oh is this Jingle Bells, daddy really likes this one!  They are also big fans of Frosty the snow man.  

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter