Monday, December 12, 2011

So this is how last week went...

Last week did not go so hot at the Bormann household.  On Monday night when Keith got home with the boys, things were going OK.  Then the power went out.  Keith got dinner cooked just on time for the boys to eat and then as I was driving home everything went dark.  Super weird!!  Dylan was doing great when we got home, then started to go downhill fast!  He had a fever and said his stomach hurt really bad and really he just looked miserable.  We had to go to Ankeny anyway so I decided to take him to Urgent Care incase it was strep.  Luckily it wasn't too crazy there, negative strep and all other tests looked good. So we went back hoping to have power.  No such luck, part of Ankeny was out and all of Polk City.  We packed up our stuff and we were going to stay at the Boyington's and then Dylan got sick!  I was not about to take a puking kid anywhere!  You really don't know how those nights will turn out.

The boys did just fine in the cold, they never seem to get too cold.  Me on the other hand froze with about 6 blankets.  Power finally came back around midnight.  Dylan's fever finally broke by morning, but he still seemed pretty miserable, so we kept him home and Keith took him to the doctor on Tuesday.  He ended up having croup, so they gave him a steroid and he is sounding a bit better every day.  

Wednesday morning I took off for work and something didn't seem right so I got out of my car to find this!!!  Keith was still home getting the boys in the truck to take to daycare, so I called him quick and told him to wait for me.  He was headed to Chicago for a few days for a trade show.  So we left my car, took the boys to daycare, then I had to take him to Grimes, then finally to work.  I had to drive his truck until Friday afternoon.  I always hate driving that downtown, it's so darn big!  That is my second flat in a year.

My Thursday didn't start off super well.  Dylan was not having getting out of bed - he said, "mom, shut off my light."  When Carter woke up he said is it a school day or stay home day.  I said school day, he said I'm sick.  I asked him what kind of sick and he said throw up.  Oh boy!!  Then he acted as if he was going to throw up and insisted on getting the bowl!  It took me an hour and fifteen minutes to get them to daycare.  Then they weren't super nice to me that night. 

Thursday I got this parking ticket!  Luckily it was only $5, so I won't complain too much about it.  My mom came over that night to help me with the boys and make us some yummy dinner.  Thank goodness!!!  

Friday I took Carter to the allergist - good news, no allergies.  This is where they did the tests on his back.  He was pretty tough and thought the marks on his back were pretty cool!  He asked me to show him a few times.  

Carter ended up getting croup later this week too.  Poor kids, both sounded awful at night coughing their little lungs out.  Carter's got really bad on Saturday night, so Keith took him outside a couple times but we found the steam seemed to work better.  
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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter