Monday, September 19, 2011

Keith's BIG SURPRISE 30th party!

One of the reasons I have been behind on blogging is because I have been secretly planning a surprise 30th birthday party for Keith!  I was a bit relieved for the big day to arrive.  Luckily he did not suspect a thing! 
I told him for his birthday present I arranged for him to go golfing with a few friends and he was pretty excited about that.  I had him bring the boys to Baxter for me that day, while I got busy doing some mad cleaning, decorating and appetizer making!  Thank goodness for Pinterest for making parties better!!!  I got some fun ideas from there to implement for the party.  
Overall, we had a great turn out, kids were running around crazy and around 12 things got a little wild with russell ave (our old neighborhood) vs timberline (the neighbors party) flip cup game.  Needless to say, Keith was not doing so hot all day yesterday!  We are still cleaning today and will be tomorrow and probably the next day.  

You can't see the cupcake pics, but I did a combination of funny pics of Keith, candles and famous mustaches:  Alec Trebek, Ron Burgundy, The hulk and of course Magnum P.I.  

Many of my helpful party planners!  I wouldn't have ever pulled it off without them.  Sarah managed getting the keg and helped me do much clean-up!  The garage was a mess and we had to use it for the party because we had a large crowd and Keith had no idea so we had to wait until that day and after about 10 trips we managed to get most of it under the deck.  Jennifer headed up kids entertainment - great job, brought over lots of chairs and a table and helped out with food too and a little last minute vacuuming.  Nicole let me hide all kinds of decorations at her house and helped out with some food and last minute items!  My mom watched the boys and made a yummy shrimp salad and Susie worked hard on some last minute prep and 4 batches of cheesy potatoes.  And of course Ryan, Mark, Paitz and Funk did a great job keeping Keith away all day and arrived right on cue!  Keith was totally surprised and had NO IDEA!!!

Mojito bar and Build your own Bloody Mary

Beer Pong

Lots of fun pics and some mustaches my mom will probably never volunteer to make again:)  THANKS MOM!
Jennifer's fun kid's zone - pumpkins, chalk, bubbles, glow sticks, bracelet making and coloring!  

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Andrea @ The Worley House said...

great party! i'm doing something similar for my husband's 35th birthday. where did you get your invites from?

can you email me or fb message me?

Brett & Amanda Smith said...

I'm wondering the same thing...doing a surprise 30th for my husband..can yu email me where you got them please?

Anonymous said...

Planning a party for my husbands 30th and loved your invites as well!!! Where did you design them? If you could please email me where you got these? I would be so grateful! Thanks!!!

Mandy said...

Hi! I absolutely love this idea and am planning a 35th surprise party for my husband...I really love your invites - could you too send me the information?

Thank you SO much!

marilyn scott said...

It seems like a fun-filled celebration. very nice and amazing 30th birthday ideas you got there... Thanks for sharing!

Cheers xxxx

Ashley Schober said...

Very cute! Could you also email me info on where you got the invites?

Christen Hashim said...

Hello! LOVE your invites - could you please tell me where you got them?

total12 said...

Keith had no idea so we had to wait until that day and after about 10 trips we managed to get most of it under the deck.30th birthday ideas

Anonymous said...

Yes, please share where you got the invitation from- I love it!! Doing a surprise 40th for my man. Thanks!


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