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Building our upolstery headboard by a not so crafty gal with help from her handy husband

Well, I should start by saying this is certainly not an expert step by step tutorial because I would say this headboard was created with a bit of ghetto craftsmanship - no I didn't need duct tape during the project, though if anything breaks I may resort to it!  So I will share some insights and tips, but if you choose to make one - look up a really good tutorial.  Also, this project reminded me that I'm not all that patient. 

The first thing we did was build a frame with 2 x 4's and plywood.  Our bed is a queen and we decided to make it 62" x 62" and we are happy with the size. 

The next step is placing the green foam.  You can get this at Joann's, but I must warn you, it is RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE!!!  I was a bit shocked, even after using a 50% off coupon.  Also, I could have and should have done a much better job cutting the pieces.  Some blogs said to use spray adhesive.  I bought some and only ended up using it on those smaller pieces.  Not sure if it helped much.

Making the buttons!  I didn't mind doing this part and did it while on a roadtrip, so it helped to pass the time.  I used size 60 buttons (until now I had no idea buttons have these types of sizes) and I found them online for a much better price than in store.  The white little tool in the picture above is must have this!
Basically you put your piece of fabric in the white thing, stick the top of the button in, then I trimmed my fabric, then you take the back of the button and push it into the to top of the button.  The tool had a piece to help you do this, but I couldn't get them to go together with that and used the handle of my scissors and pushed down onto the back. 

I placed the buttons where I wanted them, then had my precise husband do an exact grid and he drilled two holes for each button.  The picture below is where I started - luckily I decided to reduce from 4 rows to 3 rows (4,5,4).  It was a pain in the butt to attach the buttons.  We also made a grid, so we knew where the holes were, but that was not effective when it came to applying the buttons.


Looks like I skipped a pic - I wrapped two layers of batting on top of the foam and stapled to the back.  Then came the fabric.  There is probably a much better method of applying fabric - the back of mine looks pretty ghetto.  I thought it looked good at first, but we decided it was too loose, so I pulled it tighter and added more staples!  Also, we have a seam at the bottom because the fabric was 52" wide.  Again, another ghetto move - should have sewed this together!  and if you look close I did do a last minute stitch - which I am certain will snap any day.  May need to apply duct tape here:)
I had a hard time with the corners, they stick up a bit.  I attempted this a couple times and will choose to not focus on them.  It is what it is. 
Next we added the buttons.  A few tips here - On my 6th or 7th trip to JoAnn's (did I mention I HATE THAT STORE - I have no idea where anything is at within their 8,000 SKUS and it always takes FOREVER!) I purchased button string - it was a really strong waxed string - you might want to ask, I did and upholstery needles - which also took two different people taking me to three different spots in the store to locate. 
I still have to go back and do some work on these.  I put the buttons in and pulled them as tight as I could and wrapped the thread around a finishing nail - but my sister in law, who has made two of these, said they had one person push on the buttons and another person tighten in the back - so then they can sink in about another 1/2 inch.

And here you go - sorry my boys keep getting my lens dirty, so not a great pic.


So after this fabulous step-by-step instruction, I know you want to run out and build a headboard.  But I must warn you - it is probably worth your time and money to buy this. 
-It took Keith at least 4 hours to build the frame
-I spent about 5 hours at craft stores + travel
-2 hours making buttons
-3 evenings making it - maybe more!

You won't believe this - I did this because I figured I would spend $100ish and once I realized what it would cost, it was too late.
Wood - $40ish
Batting & Foam- Foam was $30 A YARD (I used 2" thick) - with 50% off, I spent $140 on the two!!! 
Buttons - I bought extra, but found a site for .60 each
Fabric - I needed 4 yards and with 40% off, I spent about $50
Thread, Needles, Button Tool, Spray Glue - $25ish

I'm sure there are more efficient ways to do it and it could be a bit cheaper - but a WARNING, not super cheap.
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Anonymous said...

If you don't count your time it's still cheeper than $700.00. :)


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