Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ground Zero

Here are a few pictures I don't think I have ever posted on here before, but thought I would share on this 10 year anniversary.  When we moved to New Jersey in '05, one of the first things I wanted to do was go to NYC!  And this was one of the stops we made on that first trip.  
One of the things I was most shocked by was the condition of the site.  By this time almost 5 years had passed, workers were still working hard picking up the pieces and damaged buildings surrounding the site were still under construction.  When we arrived to the site, I was immediately taken over by an eerie feeling and very saddened by what all took place right where I was standing.  
Growing up in the Midwest you are not surrounded by these enormous buildings, I remember looking at the black building in the picture above, which was high to me, and imaging what it must have been like to see the towers stand as they would have been 2-3 times taller than that little black building.  And ultimately, what that must have been like coming down.  It was very sad to see all the stories this week, especially since this year took a strong focus on the children.  

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