Friday, September 2, 2011

Almost 3

Confession:  I wrote this post a while back and the boys have been grumpy this week, son not all may apply.

My boys are almost three!  How is that possible?  They are getting so big and are becoming more and more like kids opposed to that toddler phase.  However, I sure have been enjoying the age they are at.  Certainly, they challenge me often and can be hard at times, like when Carter tells you no to everything.  But they crack me up all the time saying the funniest things.  And of course I am to the point where I really need to watch what I say.  Last week we were in the car and a guy on a motorcycle passed me going extremely fast and I said that guy is dumb.  So then they started saying dumb, that guy dumb, you dumb mommy.  Then I explain why I said that and he was going too fast, then it was mommy, you going too fast.  Oh boy – this went on for about 20 minutes. 

One day Dylan was hiding under a blanket and I was saying to Carter, I don’t know where Dylan is and he just started saying this random stuff….ummmmmm Dylan at Home Depot?  Really, where did come up with this one. 

There at a stage where they like me to do stuff with them, mommy come here with me, build this with me, etc. 

So lets see, what else is going on with them…

They love reading books, playing trains, building things, playing with their tools
They still love their blankies
We eat A LOT of popsicles, they like to sit on the deck and eat them
They always say going to the new house
If we pull into Home Depot or Target and ask them where we are they usually say the right one (guess we go to often)
They are really funny saying names, lately they have been saying Bennie Bucklin – which if you heard it is much funnier – then they ask mom what her name is. 
They are always thinking of others, we’ll go somewhere or get something and they are always saying, Oliver too, Cade too. 
We are learning where everyone is, they’ll usually say Poooolk City
Riding in Keith’s truck is tough, they constantly pick at each other
They are into taking showers now – a nice change from baths
Dylan is a really good helper, he got a sticker at daycare for helping pick up – I’m thinking he is going to get a lot of those
They love going to the beach
We have a lot of fun with sprinklers and playing with water
Dylan has been into basketball and baseball lately
I really want to take them to Adventureland and am looking forward to take them to the Iowa State Fair – I think they are finally at the stage where they will enjoy it
We are doing a lot of wagon rides this summer and they have actually been really good in their stroller lately

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter