Monday, September 12, 2011

10th annual Lake of the Ozarks trip

We had great weather for our trip to the lake, however, I was feeling a bit under the weather.  It seems my body is starting to show some signs of my late 20s- when I went to Colorado I had a horrible cold, pink eye in Boston and I got the FLU at the Ozarks!  So I got the flu in like 6th or 7th grade, didn't get it again until Thanksgiving '09 - which I still think was food poisoning from Arbys.  I didn't feel that well all day on Friday, then at about 7:00 I got really sick and stayed in bed the rest of the night.  Luckily I felt good enough to go out on the boat on Saturday but kept the drinking to a minimum.  I also managed to get bright red sunburn. 

One highlight of the trip would be Ryan losing is wedding band in the Lake...oops!!!  Looks like Nicole will have some leverage for a while.

Mom watched the boys for us on Friday and Karl and Susie came and stayed at our house and watched them the rest of the weekend.  They did a great job working with the boys on potty training!  They made some major progress!  I guess they have potty trained three boys - so that makes them pros. 

I was able to utilize my sunburn as a good lesson for the boys - I showed them what happens if you don't wear sunscreen.  Dylan was funny - next thing I knew he was bringing me the sunscreen. 
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