Monday, August 8, 2011

The truths about raising boys....

I sure do love my little boys, but they certainly are boys.  I always laugh at some facebook updates I see from a friend who always is sharing funny things about her boys, like finding dead bugs in pockets and later learning their names and everything else about them.  Luckily for me, chasing ants is about as far as it goes and I may start putting a fear in them that snakes are scary:).  If I can help it, we will never have any reptiles living in our house. 

But it’s a daily occurrence to turn around to a “hey mommy”, only to find a finger pointed at you along with a “booger mommy.”  I quickly learned to bring the finger with me to the sink to be cleaned after the time I went to retrieve a tissue only to return to a clean or not so clean finger. 

Then lets talk about little boys and their little things – They peed on us the day they arrive and the excitement hasn’t stopped.  It’s funny to watch them walk up to the potty and stand on their tip toes and just barely reach over the bowl - then completely miss!  I remember a few times when Dylan was quite a bit shorter really pulling and stretching to make the reach towards the bowl – you know that barely made it into the potty.  And to be honest, you are in a danger zone anywhere near the toilet.  So they find this very entertaining and I’ve even caught them peeing on each other in the bathtub.  Yep – that’s pretty awful, but probably the funniest thing in the world to those two.  Luckily, they haven’t been attempting that lately! 

Sword fights and so much more to come on this subject in the years to come!  

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