Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's a miracle on Timberline!!!


This has been the most frustrating home improvement project to date!!!    Something I would never recommend taking on is installing your own irriagion system. We had no idea it would be a 3 month nightmare!  We even had phenominal, expert help and the entire thing was still doomed!!  Anything you could imagine going wrong DID!!!  The majority of the issues came from the guy who graded our yard.  First off, he continued to not show up - so the weekend Keith finally got people lined up to help (the weekend every person we knew was out of town), he barely got the back done and not the front!  So not getting the front that weekend was our biggest problem.  Then from all the digging, partially because our yard was almost as hard as concrete, Keith injured his back for about two weeks.  Then the guy who did the grading came back to do the front and broke a few lines - of course he didn't fix them.  Since then, with assistance, and countless nights, Keith finally completed the irrigation (and I will skip over about 10 things that got broken in the meantime).  I bet he put at least 50 hours into this - I bet more!
This brings me to yesterday, not a good day, but a good day for our lawn!  As it turns out, our yard was not graded right and didn't have enough of a slope, so the people doing the sod had to completely regrade the entire yard, which meant lowering in many spots- you got it, this broke several lines!  Keith called me at about 2 completely freaking out.  Fortunately, the people doing the sod were phenominal and brought in somebody to fix all the broken lines and then Keith spent the entire afternoon with them and they had to move a bunch of lines as well.  He said it's still really shallow in some spots, so he is the only one allowed to dig in our yard:)  They finished properly grading it and got about 95% of the sod in last night and finished up this morning.  I wish I had the name of the business who did it, because they did an awesome job getting it all together!  If you or anybody needs somebody, I will gladly give you their number.   
The good news is the grass will do much better now, than if it had been installed early July like planned! 

Also, we finally got Stella back too!  Thanks mom, dad and Jeff for taking good care of her while we didn't have grass. 

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Anonymous said...

Looks GOOD!!! What did the boys think? I know that grass made Stella happy.


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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter