Monday, August 1, 2011

Too BUSY!!!

I must say we have been too busy!  Good and fun times visiting with friends, just getting a bit exhausted and can't wait to get through this week.  Here's what has been happening and is happening.  I'm partially blogging about this, just so I don't lose track of all to happen in the next couple weeks! 

Two weeks ago I went to Chicago for the weekend, then the week wasn't too hectic.
Friday night our friends Mark, Autumn, Dee, Reggie and Kinley came over for a couple hours to visit, then we met my parents at the Big Steer for dinner.
Saturday we left bright and early and went to Minneapolis for a night on Russell Ave - I'll try and get a post up. 
Sunday night one my good friends from JT Mega came and visited!  She was in Omaha and stopped on her drive back up to Minnesota - so fun to catch.  Well as much as Carter would let me. 
Today was the boys last day at their daycare, they start their new one full-time tomorrow.
Today Keith had to meet a guy from the city and the tile guy, so his work day was pretty broken up - then he spent the evening working on the irrigation system (AKA worst project EVER)
Tomorrow I will be in Ames part of the day for work, then back to Des Moines for meetings.  Later tomorrow night I am meeting some old friends out after the boys are in bed and will need to do some planning and packing for the rest of the week.
Wednesday Keith has to leave for a two-day work trip, which will just be in Iowa, but over-night. 
The tile guy will be coming to finish the back splash and fireplace tile.
Wednesday after work I will pick the boys up from daycare and head straight to Baxter for the night.  Keith and I have a travel over-lap so they are going to spend some time in Baxter with Grandma and Grandpa. 
I will have to leave Baxter bright and early to get to the airport and will be in Boston until Friday evening.  I'm excited because I have never been to Boston and have always wanted to go. 
Mom has a class on Thursday morning, so Jennifer is going to help out with the boys - so hopefully they will be good b/c she will be one against four!  I swear sometimes it takes a village!  Keith should be back in Baxter by about 7ish to get the boys.
I should get home around  7 on Friday night.....and pack again!
Saturday morning we are headed up to Algona to celebrate Keith's grandparent's 90th birthdays.  Many of his aunts, uncles and cousins will be in town for the celebration, so it should be a fun time.  Then we will stay the night at his grandma Ludwig's house.
Sunday we will be heading to Marshalltown for my friend Angie's daugher's 2nd birthday celebration. 
Monday may be free, but Keith is going to try and get physicals for the boys because we need them for the new daycare (even though we just did this 4 months ago).
Tuesday we have a pre-school open house at the new daycare.
Wednesday morning I have a dentist appointment in Newton - poor planning, that doesn't work very well anymore now that we live in Polk City. 
Wednesday night my friend Kaylan is going to come visit! 
That weekend we are going to the zoo for a family summer event for my work, then we might try and make it to the Iowa State Fair on Sunday.  I think the boys will have a blast at the fair this year. 

Seriously, we are NEVER going to get those boxes unpacked.  We have a three car garage that did fit one car, now fits no cars.  And our poor dog has been living at my parents for the past 3 weeks.  I'm sure she thinks we have abandoned her by now. 

And I have a lot of work projects on the horizon, so it will be a late night for this girl! 

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