Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy 90th birthdays to great grandpa and grandma bormann

A couple weeks ago we spent a Saturday at Keith's grandparents' farm in northern Iowa.  Most of his aunts and uncles and cousins came to celebrate as well.  Most live all over the country, so it usually takes a wedding or a big celebration to get all the cousins together. 
Clarence and Caroline were doing fabulous and you would probably think we were celebrating 75 instead of 90! 
We attempted to get a picture of all the great grandchildren.  Can't help but laugh at that one of Dylan.  But I'm thinking this is the best we could do with 11 kids under 7.  If I counted correct, I think we are just missing the 4 youngest Bormann babies, one who was just born that week in Memphis.  How fun is that, too bad everyone didn't live closer and we could have many fun get-togethers with all the kids. 

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