Tuesday, August 16, 2011

rocking it on Russell Ave

A couple weeks ago we made a quick trip to Minnesota for  fun night on Russell Ave.  We celebrated Charlie’s first birthday and stayed with Beth and Mitch.  It felt weird being back on Russell ave and strange to see our old house.

The boys had an absolute blast playing with Hunter and Mason and had lots of fun at the party too!  They spent much time playing in the sprinklers and swinging. 

I thought the boys might recognize the house, but it didn’t really click – SADL  The house looked quiet and the yard was looking a bit rough and no flowers were planted.  I think Keith was a bit sad – he spent a lot of time keeping everything in good shape – he even shoveled our deck in the winter.  I really wanted to have a fire in the fire pit – I sure do miss that. That will be on the agenda for next summer!

It sure was fun seeing everyone again!  THANK YOU BETH and MITCH for letting us stay with you.  We’ll have to get all the kiddos together again soon. 

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Kellie said...

We were so glad you guys were able to make it! So fun seeing you! The boys are getting so big!

It is sad how the house looks. She definitely either doesn't care or doesn't have the time to put into keeping it in such good shape. It's too bad. :(


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