Friday, July 31, 2009

Wow, that was a busy week!

Well, I should be in bed instead of blogging. Priorities, right? We had an exhausting weekend painting the house followed by an extremely busy week. Keith had to go to New York Mon-Wednesday evening for work, so my mom came up to help out with the boys.
I play softball every Tuesday night with a group from work. We are in the MPLS advertising league, so it is a lot of fun....especially when we do well. We had our second round tournament game on Tuesday night and ended up knocking out the #2 team. I was thinking that the next game would be next week, but we ended up having to play Wednesday night too. Mom and the boys came on Tuesday, but Wednesday's game didn't start until almost 8:00, so she stayed home with the guys. We had a really exciting game that went into extra innings. We managed to pull off the win and will play Fallon in the semi finals on Friday night. I'm pretty excited for the game already.
Then all day/night Thursday and this morning, we had our annual JTM / Hormel Deli outing. We had a great time and I stayed out well past my normal bedtime and had to get up early to go golfing this morning. Let's just say 6:30 came REALLY fast this morning. I'll post some select pictures of a few highlights of the evening. So now I need to go to bed because we will be back to painting again tomorrow! We purchased the Wagner Power Roller tonight, so we will see if that speeds up the process!

Carter, his hair is getting so curly, he has permanent wings.


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Kyli and Ben said...

Jessica, I am Jenn Gander's sister-in-law and I was reading your blog via her blog. I just want you to know you will absolutely love the power roller! We've had the exacty same one for about 10 months, and have painted every room in our house along with finishing the basement! It really is a back saver! It will be kind of a pain to get cleaned up, but it's totally worth it. Good luck!

Tara said...

I've just entered the blogging world, however my blog is of a different nature. Love seeing your boys grow - they are so darn cute. Have a good rest of the summer.


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