Sunday, July 26, 2009

A weekend....hard at work!!!

This weekend, we took on the huge task of painting our house!!! A task that I am pretty sure I won't be doing AGAIN!!! Keith's parents and brother, Nick, made the trip to Minneapolis and volunteered to be part of our painting crew.
Like normal, when I start a home improvement project, I was over ambitious and was certain we would have it finished this weekend! Boy was I wrong! I quickly learned that the exterior of our house is much larger than I realized. We managed to get the entire house covered in one coat of paint. When we went to bed last night all of us were fairly confident that we did a really good job and didn't think we would need a second coat. I was sad to hear at 7 am this morning that we would need to do that second coat. However, I do think it will go on faster than the first coat.
It would cost around $5,000 to have somebody paint our house. When we first started I kept thinking, wow, I'm so glad we are doing this ourselves, this won't take long! For each hour that passed and for each gallon of paint we went through, hiring somebody started to sound better and better!

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Kellie said...

So since your parents are coming up again this weekend that means you have ready made babysitters on hand and you are making it out Sat night right???? :)


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