Friday, July 31, 2009

Keith: 0, Iron: 2

Check out in between he eyes.
About three years ago, Keith and I were staying at my parents house for the weekend and were getting ready for a wedding that we were attending that evening. Keith had just finished ironing his shirt and somehow had a mishap with the retractable cord on the iron. The plug portion smacked him right in between the eyes. So I took him to the clinic in Baxter quickly and he got away with the glue stuff instead of stitches.

Since that incident, Keith and the iron had been getting along great until......that same iron attacked him AGAIN! He had just finished ironing and was walking down the hallway with the hot iron and the cord somehow got caught on the door, causing the iron to jerk back onto his arm. (Is this a sign that I need to step it up
to be a better wife and iron my husband's clothes?)
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