Sunday, September 21, 2014

This may be my only DIY accomplishment this summer

This was my first time painting a garage.  If you plan on painting a garage, I highly recommend doing it BEFORE you move in, hang shelves and store 500 bottles of this and that.  This is something I have been wanting to do for sometime, but lacked the motivation.  I finally got started the night before we went on vacation, I figured if I did one wall it would keep me going.  I quickly decided painting a garage was like obstacle course painting.  First, our ceilings are about 12' - I don't love heights.  Second, we (and by we I mean I)  had to take down all of our shelves and the junk that sits on them. Third, there were tons of bugs and things I had to clean off the walls.  Fourth, I had to have the doors shut because the bugs would come in and with it being August, it was very humid in the garage.  Finally, there were so many odd things to paint around - like the garage doors.  So this lady is happy to finally be done!

I let these two help out a bit, they thought they were pretty darn cool! 

overall, I'm super happy with how it turned out, so totally worth it!  

I should also mention that I used Behr flagstone paint with the primer from Home Depot and I got away with one coat of paint on these super dry walls.  Four cans, so I went through a lot, but I was very happy to only do one coat!  So I would highly recommend their version with the primer, it works great.  Plus they can color match if you are looking for a specific shade.


Machelle Ledoux said...

The before and after pictures really tell the story of this entire process. Most garages are so cluttered with belongings that the vehicle winds up getting parked outside. This makes the vehicle susceptible to theft, storm damage, and fading from the sun. Hanging things from the ceiling to free up the floor is a simple and effective way to take back the garage.

Machelle Ledoux @ Total Garage Repair

Giovanni said...

Well done on getting the boys to assist you, I had to re-paint my garage the other day too. It has since taken on a new egg shell blue color and has really lit the place up. I also got my paints from Home Depot which has a great selection of different primers and main coats. Thank you for sharing!

Giovanni @ Coastal Contract Hardware


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