Monday, September 8, 2014

State Fair

The kids had a blast at the Iowa State Fair.... who wouldn't???  We went once with my parents and sister's family and then made it back with friends without kids.  I think we might have to make that an annual event.  TOO.  MUCH.  FUN!

Olivia thought this was pretty cool - she obviously bought a bomb pop with her farm money.  

The boys still love this.  Not quite as much fun watching them as it was the last couple years - the first couple times they did it they laughed the entire time.  However, they still loved it.

Olivia loved the animals!  

why not?

So the boys got lined up right after this group went down.  I can only imagine all the questions they were asking Keith on the way up.  Why not when at the fair....

Guess who absolutely loved the big slide, all three times!  OLIVIA!!!  I wish all of could have seen and heard her.  After the third time she came over and screamed, "AWESOME."

Visiting Uncle Mark at the fair.

I bought the kids wristbands this year so we basically went on as many rides as we possibly could until Olivia crashed and the fair was closing.

Carter was one bar away from the top.  Maybe next year he sill get it.  so close!

Anybody get the brisket mac and cheese?  YUM!

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