Tuesday, September 23, 2014

summer iPhone shots

Here are some more pics from when we went to the Bormann Family reunion.  We went to this great little park in Algona.  It's like they had every piece of equipment we had as kids.  

I love this pic of Olivia and Oliver

the boys with a couple of their cousins

Olivia and Sierra are like 2 months apart so they had plenty of fun together.

Teach them young!

Olivia was so darn tired!

Having fun at grandma Ludwig's farm.

Our tired little girl

Always taking care of her brothers.

Ever been to the Grotto, it's quite the place.  My boys love it.

Back in the tree at the Bormann farm.

My kids love Triad open gym.  I really should enroll them in gymnastics again.  Even Olivia had a blast!  Unfortunately, I don't think she has a future in gymnastics.  Notice this pic of Dylan, do you see Carter in the back???

No fear with these two.


I think she went down this slide at least 25 times.

These two are so silly together!

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