Thursday, September 4, 2014

Surviving Parenthood

This girl keeps us laughing all day long!  She is at such a fun age, I wish I could put it in a bottle and keep it forever.  I think she has fun everywhere we go - or I should say she has fun as long as she is doing what she wants.

Sucker & Banana - fairly healthy breakfast.

She will barely let me put anything in my hair - for my mom, 17 clippies, no big deal!

She loves to pat things!  Usually her babies, sometimes her brothers.  Perhaps she will have twins someday.  If she does, I guess she will be prepared for double duty. Actually, when I picked her up from school yesterday, there was a boy pretending to be a dog and she was patting his head.

I've painted her nails twice now.  She loved it!  I just bought her a sparkly purple and pink.  Haven't showed her yet, but I'm sure she will be all about it.

Sometimes it's safer this way.

I'm just happy he said, "watch this mom," before he went down the stairs.  He seriously thought he would make it down no problem.  

I love how these three hang out all the time. Or she does whatever they are doing.

Tough time deciding on dinner...  at least she ate a bit of everything.

That's how i eat sandwiches too.

FOUND.  Thanks liv!

new basket and streamers!

Who doesn't take a red solo cup to daycare?

Story of my life.

First day of school cupcakes!  Also - I love this, Carter saw those PJs and wanted to get them for Olivia.  She loves them!

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