Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Day One

Little late here!  So how is kindergarten going?  

So far it is going pretty well.  I was a huge mess on the first day, but they seemed excited and ready to   go.  They seemed to get a bit more nervous as we got there, but they really were fine.  I was a bit down all day and couldn't stop thinking about them until we were there at like 3:15 to pick them up.  

The next week they were pretty quick to pop out of bed, so I take that as a good sign.  So far they seem to really enjoy art class, gym and recess.  They must do the monkey bars the entire time.  Which I am completely against (given our broken arm experience), but I can't really stop them at school.  They do them so much they had huge blisters on their hands.  

Being in the same class seems to be going OK so far, no major issues.  I check in with the teacher here and there, she says they tend to touch each other a lot - no surprise there either.  They are not picking up on the concept of just eat the lunch, everyone else is.  One day I asked Carter what he ate and he said a breadstick.  So I may start letting them bring lunch one or two days a week.  

I wasn't sure how much Carter was liking it since he was super grumpy one day and that night he had a bad dream and came to our room at about 4 am - then he started to tell us how kindergarten rules are so much easier than pre-school rules and went on and on and on.  So little early, but glad to hear he likes it.  

We are starting to feel a bit buried in papers and homework.  At first we didn't have much, now we feel like we can get all the little tasks done without burning out the boys.  

I don't know if she has noticed they aren't at her school all day yet?

The funny thing about having them in the same class is they seem to be on a rotating schedule on remembering to bring home all their papers so between the two of them we seem to keep up with what we need to do.

look how excited they are!!!

First day line up!

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter