Sunday, March 16, 2014

More Christmas pictures

still plugging away at these!  Getting close, perhaps by April!

I feel terrible it took me so long to upload that any good stories I had to share are possibly forgotten.   As always, everyone was spoiled with all sorts of goodies!  Most importantly, I got some new sweatpants and a new sweatshirt.  You will probably see it in a lot of pictures to come.

Olivia was being funny here, she start rubbing Cory's head.  She must like his hair.

Present opening is a lot of work when you are 1.

Can't go wrong with legos with these two!

Now if they could close their eyes at the same time.

Olivia and Alec checking out the new kitchen! This has been a big hit at our house.  I think Alec likes it too.

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