Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Here are a few random ones...

As the boys get older, the random quotes have declined, but here are a few....

In the car, Carter randomly says, "If I ever saw Sara Bareilles, I would tell her she is skinny".  WHAT??? I don't think he even knows what she looks like.

Tonight I gave Olivia a washcloth during bath and she said, "thank you lady".  Lady??? Really?

Tonight Dylan told me that he is going to be an astronaut (same story for a while) and a Candy Buyer.  So then wondering where the heck this came from?  He then said, well he was going to to buy candy and give it to Carter to build with.  Again, what? To build Candy Land.  So I guess they have plans because Carter quickly chimed in on the Candy Land plan.

Keith told Carter that it has snowed and he said, ahhhhh, winter is being such a sassy pants and spring is trying to make it go away but it won't.

They are super tired of this never-ending winter business (WHO ISN'T, IT SNOWED AGAIN TODAY!)...anyway, they were telling me how it's been winter for a year now and they are really mad at winter.

Almost every song in the car, Carter says, "turn it up mom, this is my favorite song."

It seem commercials are really effective on 5 year olds.  Almost EVERY commercial, the boys tell me they need what they are displaying.  And they take in every little selling point.  Mom, look, we need the Snackie - you can put snacks in it and drink out of it.  If it falls it won't spill.  You definitely need that mom. Party in the tub light, they want that too.  Then tonight Dylan was asking me why that commercial about that junior game says it's new when it's not new.  Again after some questions I figured out he was talking about Monopoly Junior.  And they must have a "new" version. And now they really want to play monopoly.

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter