Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Christmas Morning

I wish I would have written this post sooner so I could have captured the moment better. But I can tell you this is such a fun age at Christmas time.  The kids were super excited about everything!

I've started the tradition of making monkey bread.  Unfortunately it has been a tradition of it never turns out quite right.  We will get it next year!!!

Carter was so proud to give me this frame.  When he wrapped it, he gave me a hint, our family could fit inside.  I said a frame - OOPS!! should have seen the poor kids face, shocked at my guess.  No worries, I think I made a recovery.  

SHE LOVES IT!!  She still rides Tales around:)  I guess he's part of the family for now.

Carter picked Keith out these sweet PJs.  Oh and those black deer and a spatula. 

Good thing I had these guys to help me wrap Keith's present.  Bet you are wondering what it is.  Well, I will offer up a few hints.  It's a pricey electronic - just what every man is looking for in a good Christmas present.  Yep, I got him a brand new Dyson!  All joking aside, he does like this gift and has done some serious vacuuming.  

When Dylan saw this Dinosaur piggy bank for Keith for Christmas, the answer was ABSOLUTELY! I think Keith's pockets make change because he always has so much junk in his pockets every night.

Dylan got Olivia this baby bag and accessories.  She loved it!!!  Totally cracking us up for days with this stuff.  

Legos for these two.  No surprise they wanted to put them together immediately.

Dylan got Keith this new blanket.  Just couldn't walk passed it at Walmart without buying it:)  Forget astronaut, this kids future is in sales!

Keith got Olivia this pretty little necklace - a special present she will always be able to have.  

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter