Tuesday, March 4, 2014

20 months

Somebody asked me how old my daughter was last week and 20 months rolled out and I sadly realize that we are to the point where you drop the months and say, “almost two”! How is that even possible?  Here I am quickly wishing my winter away (AS IT HAS BEEN COLD FOREVER), but with those wishes, that makes my little boys practically kindergartners and my baby a toddler.  The boys were just a little over two when we moved back to Iowa and now they are looking like these big kids, telling me they have loose teeth and are far busier playing Legos than to follow me around.


So what is up with Miss Olivia


-Though our 20 month old comes with a bit of sass and many quick and loud “No’s”, this girl MELTS OUR HEARTS!!!  Love her, love her, love her!

-The coolest thing about this age is she is ALWAYS watching you, to see EXACTLY how you do things and about two minutes later you see her trying to do the same.  It’s the best and always makes me smile.  I was brushing my hair, so she was too.  I had my head tilted, she did too!  Of course, usually it is her brothers who she chooses to copy!

-Poor boys, we may be passing some bad traits onto them by always telling them they can have extra snacks or treats but they have to hide to eat it so Olivia doesn’t see them. See she wants EVERYTHING they have or do!  And if we say no, it is one heck of a fit.

-She keeps picking up more and more words.  She puts three words together quite a bit now.    Sometimes she asks “why”.  The phase that never leavesJ.  And I asked her why one day and she said, “because”! REALLY!!! 

-She is starting to get picky about clothes, sometimes she tells me, “not that”!

-What else? I hear, “me fast” – she thinks she is fast, but at least she is usually running fast towards me for a big hug.  I hear lots of “no Stella”, she says, “hi, hi, hi, hi” quite a bit! One of my favorites is when she says, “I love you” –which sounds totally different!

-We made it until Jamaica before she had anything other than milk or water, now she wants juice all the time – in a cup, not a sippy!  So now she is always saying juice, juice, juice, which equals water with a splash of juice.  Often times followed by a spill. 

-Still loves bath time and books!

-Loves her daycare friends, we “call” them, she also loves the boys daycare room and thinks she is pretty cool in there trying to write on their market board

-She likes to wake her brothers up

-If the boys are ever hurt and need an icepack, you can bet she needs one too!  And she will act hurt to go along with it

-Did I mention she is really bossy!  Yeah, likeat 6 am on a Saturday.  One day she came down (for what I thought was an extra hour of sleep in our bed), well that quickly was followed by a get up, get up, get up.  Then she took my blankets off, then  started to push my back up forcing me to get out of bed. 

-She also likes TV now, she will look at you and say, “show”

-She has been driving Keith nuts in the morning lately because now she likes to take a long time to eat

-She loves to dance!

-I think she is starting to thin out a big and her hair is getting really long

-She is getting super independent, like always wants to zip her coat and put her shoes on which never goes well.  She has the hat down though!

-She really likes jumping now, so when she gets really excited or is waiting for you to get her something she jumps

-Every time I leave for a day or two I feel like she has grown up even more.  I was shhh-ing her to go to sleep and then she put her finger over her lips and started telling me “quiet” – then she started grabbing my cheeks and saying, “fishy, fishy”
Much more fun to come!

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