Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bormann Christmas

This year we went to Sibley for a few days for Christmas.  The boys had lots of fun playing with Keith's old toys and playing with their cousin Oliver.  Although, Olivia and Oliver kept pretty darn busy.  She copied absolutely everything he was doing!  I have a bunch of pictures on my phone I will have to dig up and post.  

Well - it started off well:)

Look how big Kasper is getting!  And that was like 4 months ago.

She has it down!

Olivia spent a lot of time hanging out on the steps.  This is the guitar she got, she loved it!  I think Oliver liked it even more, he played it about the entire time we were there. 

Oliver and Olivia walkin around on their knees.

Olivia is a big fan of Grandpa Karl, she doesn't let him get too far away from her.  He had to leave one day and she kept looking for him at the door.

We got all sorts of great gifts from everyone and the kids came home with lots of fun new toys.  We have some VERY lucky kids!!!  And us too!

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