Thursday, March 20, 2014

Love this girl:).....UPDATE

Forget this comment I said on this picture.  I was looking at it today and wondering why there was a beer by the bed, and a phone, oh and it's not our bed. Vacation picture!  This winter must be getting to me.  I better go back to Jamaica.  

I don't even remember this one. Maybe Keith was gone. 
Olivia working so hard to get her socks in. 

Here we are at 20 months with Olivia and I have mentioned before that somehow we missed the step of putting her down awake, so we still rock the girl to sleep.  Generally Keith does it, but I put her down one night this week and I was quickly reminded why we still rock her to sleep.  I LOVE IT!  It is a bit of a pain when it comes to other people putting the kids to sleep and I know it’s good for her to put herself to sleep and it would give us a little more time to finish up all the chores of the night, but I can’t really think of a better way to have a little extra bonding time. It is a moment to step away from the craziness of whatever else might be happening and hold her close and enjoy her while she is still little enough to snuggle up in my arms and drift off to sleep.  

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