Friday, September 27, 2013


We recently started playing soccer.  And I am happy to report so far it's going pretty well.  If you ask the boys they will probably tell you they don't like it, but they seem to be having fun and we even have some games in our front yard.  I'm finding it to be going far better than baseball, much less confusion.  One downside, the games are around 2:00 every Saturday, so so much for ISU tailgating.  The teams are coed and three play at one time.  Dylan is number 3 - yellow cleats, Carter is number 5 - blue cleats.  The kids and coaches have a hard time telling them apart.  I've just been thrilled they have been wearing uniforms, cleats and shin guards.  That is major progress my friends!  I never did get Carter's cleats on him for baseball - or his cap!  So I am calling this a big win in my book!

I love this picture because they are lined up exactly the same.

IF the boys are paying attention and focus, they do pretty well.  If they are pulling up piles of grass - they may as well not be playing.  Especially since they really haven't ever played soccer before.  They both did really well at our last game, Dylan had 4 goals and Carter had 1.  But Carter was working so hard out there most the game.  By the end you could tell he was beat and out of energy.  Here is one thing that is tough with twins and will probably come up often with them - what if one does better than the other?  I can tell you I have had my fingers crossed at every game that each will get a goal (so far they have), but I imagine as they get older this will get harder.  We have been pretty lucky for the most part that they are very similar with ability - like crawled the same day, walked the same day, learned to ride bikes without training wheels the same day, so that has made things easier for us.  So if anyone has any good tips with that - please share! 

Watch out for the little kid in green, he was a little soccer stud, he scored about every time he touched the ball.

I'm not sure wh the girl is on the far left, but I'm thinking she might be a track star when she gets older.  

This was funny - Carter got to kick it in, so he really backed it up!

Are you wondering what happened to my little boys - look how big they look!!!!

I guess this post officially makes me a soccer mom!  No worries, no mini van, no soccer stickers on the car:)  I've never been a soccer play, nor have I watched it much, so i am surprised how much I am enjoying it with the boys.  
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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter