Monday, September 30, 2013

A day in jasper county

On Sunday we did a little Jasper County tour.  First stop was to Colfax to visit my dad and brother.  All five of us went on a Gator ride (AKA – papa’s little car).  This was Olivia’s first time and she loved it!  All smiles and she was even trying to drive. 

Next stop was to Newton to visit my grandma.  Sometimes the boys amaze me at the memories and the detail they recall.  Sadly, it’s been near a year since I have had the boys there to see my grandma, but then on the way there Dylan said something about the last time we were there and how we ate brought breadsticks and ate them in Grandma’s room and then started talking about a guy that came in to help take grandma’s roommate to the bathroom.  How do they remember these types of things?  Especially from about a year ago.  Grandma seemed thrilled to see us, so I was happy we stopped. 

Next destination would be to visit my sister and her family and my mom in Baxter.  The boys had a blast playing with Cade and Alec.  Olivia was loving hanging out with my sister.  Unfortunately we couldn’t stay too long since we still had to stop in Ankeny for groceries. 

I guess we need to work on properly holding kittens. 


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