Monday, September 2, 2013

Olivia Update


I am super- overdue on an Olivia updated.  At this age I really need to do this more frequently as she seems to pick up on something new every day.  So she is officially 14 months as of Monday
·         First off, I’m happy to report that I have won her back and I think it’s fair to say she is a momma’s girl right now.  So much that I seem to have to carry her around – all.the.time!
·         She is funny when she is in bed with us because she can’t decide who she wants to be by.  She will roll to Keith, then see me and want to roll back. Then see him – and you can see how that goes. 
·         Still loves her pacifier and so do we.
·         She has a ton of teeth!  Front top and bottom four, four molars and she is working on her eye teeth.
·         She is very observant – just watches EVERYTHING you do and copies!  I was holding her in the laundry room and started to put my flip flops on – she wanted down and grabbed both her blue shoes and start trying to put them on. 
·         She loves when I sing to her, so we have been singing a lot lately.  She is really funny singing bringing home my baby bumble bee – she somewhat keeps up with the motions and then always yells at each part.
·         She is getting lots of words:  mommy, daddy, Stella, papa – she always says papa papa papa papa, rah-rah (daycare teacher, up (which she also thinks is down), hi, bye, she will try and say Jenny – sounds more like yenny, uh oh, help, and no- this one is a new one and she has been using it!
·         She loves wrestling with Carter and Dylan and is always trying to play with them acting like a big kid.
·         Unfortunately, she is becoming a pickier eaterL
·         I have her give Stella treats now, then she always claps!
·         She is getting a bit sassy – I was giving Carter a hug and she came over and tried to wedge herself between us and had some sassy words! 
·         She is wearing 2T clothes pretty easy!  I have no idea what size we will be for next summer
·         Her hair is finally starting to grow and we can do a little ponytail.  The back is getting curly too.
·         She gets plenty messy at dinner, especially when I let her feed herself yogurt
·         She loves reading books!
·         She is to an age where she is hard because she has no interest in just sitting
·         Big fan of the pantry
·         She is now getting into everything! Still not as bad as the boys – but still digging stuff out of drawers and cupboards
·         She doesn’t really have any toys she just loves to sit and play with???   Maybe my phone, which she always puts up to her ear
·         She still takes two naps at home, just one at daycare.  I have no idea how she makes it until 11:30because she gets pretty crabby at home. 
·         We have a water baby, she loves the water!
·         When she feels good, she is a really happy baby and is very sweet!

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