Monday, September 23, 2013

Bormann Family Reunion

Early this August a majority of Keith's family gathered for a Bormann Family reunion.  A good chunk lives all around the country, so it is always great to have so many families there.  Plus there are 24 great-grandchildren, most of which are within a few years of the boys so it's really fun to get all the kids together.

We spent a few hours at the West Bend pool.  Olivia really wanted to get in, unfortunately that didn't work out so well for her.  

The boys took many trips on this train. 

Carter is into doing these really creepy eyes - see above and below.

Olivia made it on the train for one round.

This is the boys' cousin Mason - and they REALLY like Mason.  Too bad they didn't live closer.

And a little movie time to quiet everyone down.

I'll have to do another post later, but Keith's grandfather passed away just a week after the reunion.  We are very lucky to have gotten one more family picture with him. 
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