Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tubes for this little girl today.

Olivia got tubes today!  She had probably her 10th ear infection last week.  Keith called the ENT to make an appointment and they had a cancellation, so he was able to get her in last week opposed to June 17th, so that worked well.  (except when he picked her up and the town tornado sirens were going off, so he spent an extra 30 minutes in the daycare bathroom with several other pre-schoolers.).
She had just been off antibiotics for a few days and had another really bad infection in both ears.  So they did not mess around and she had the surgery today!  As always - the worst part is going under, not so much the procedure.  Actually I should say the worst part is not feeding your hungry baby!  And she woke up at 4 today. Keith got her back to sleep, but I bet she woke up on and off about 6 times crying hard for a bottle.
Anyway - we were done by about 8:00 and on our way back home.  Mom stayed the night, since it was too early to get the boys to school.
He said she still had a lot of fluid in her left ear and got quite a bit out, so I am hoping these do the trick!  She came out of it better than the boys, but did still cry quite a bit.  She was a bit fussy today, but not bad.  She took a great nap (and so did I- still working on getting my energy back).

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