Wednesday, June 12, 2013

10 & 11 months


I've been a bit behind on this.  Then I made a mistake taking the 10 month pics and used the 11 month pic- then I decided since we are already into the 11 month, I will just go ahead and do both!

So she is not really into sitting so much these days!  Good thing we only have one more of these to go.

What's happening with Olivia

  • First off, I can't say how happy we are that she has gotten tubes, she just seems so much happier!!!
  • She now has all 4 front teeth, two on the bottom and more to go.
  • Still doing 4 bottles a day, really need to cut these back!  I'm certainly looking forward to not buying formula
  • She says momma, dadda, ba ba (bottle)- she will always say da da da da da - it's pretty cute
  • Still a daddy's girl, but I think she likes her mom too.
  • She loves baths, but we don't love giving them to her.  She won't sit still.
  • Loves her food!  Really likes fruit- doesn't seem to love veggies.  Perhaps we just aren't veggie eaters here?  I guess they might be foreign to her system since I didn't consume many while pregnant.
  • She is so funny when she laughs - I love it!
  • She likes the sprinklers
  • Figured out climbing, she can go up the stairs (with me close behind)
  • She just loves playing with her brothers and wrestling with them
  • Walking everywhere now! I think the tubes must have helped out with her balance.
  • Loves to clap her hands
  • Her hair is so close to a pony!
  • Getting to be a better sleeper - not great.
  • She loves her sippy cup, gets so excited about it.
  • Loves to watch you talk and listen- she will really focus and try to repeat the word or move her lips
  • She LOVES balls!  I think I have seen her toss around the football more times than the boys have to date!
  • She can be a bit sassy when she wants something
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