Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday

How is it possible that today we have a one year old?  Our lives certainly changed forever the day Olivia was born.  Many days quickly became much crazier, but I couldn’t imagine life without Olivia.  Overall, she has been a really good baby.  We have experienced the typical rough baby moments of ear infections, teething and sleepless nights, but it all came with so much more ease the second time around.  We knew what to expect and we knew we would make it through it. 


There is something special about Olivia, she has this sweet little, happy personality.  She is a little bit playful – as she stares down people at the stores, doctors offices and church, trying to get their attention or just to give them a few grins.  She has a calm patience about her, she will quietly sit and wait her turn- some mornings she is in bed with me, just itching for Keith to come out of the bathroom and will quietly peek around the corning to look and see if he is coming.  Yet, when this girl sees food – there is no patience, lots of growling and yelling!  She really watches you close and pays attention to every little thing you do and you can see the focus in her eye or the way her lips are moving as she is trying to mimic you.  I love how much she loves her brothers!  She gets so excited to play with them and literally wrestles with them and attacks them!  Every morning Oliviasaurus comes out to wake up her brothers and she growls and starts grabbing their faces.  I love the way she can tilt her head and give you the sweetest looks and smiles. She is so much calmer than her brother’s were at this age – we haven’t even baby proofed!  At this stage of the game with the boys I think we owned every baby-proofing thing made.  However, she has recently become very familiar with going up the stairs.  And right before she is thinking about doing something naughty, she stops and looks back at you and then usually chickens out.   I love how much she loves her daddy – she could give her mommy a little more of that love!  I love to hold her and snuggle with her, this moments are getting hard as she now fills my arms and would rather be playing. 


Happy birthday sweet baby girl! Your mommy loves you! 
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